November 2018

Our experts provide you with a summary of the latest news : new Support Packages, patches published by SAP, or their contributions for EPM (Enterprise Performance Management) applications. They also invite you to discover the latest innovations from our R & D center.

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The latest releases around SAP EPM 10

SAP FC 10.0 SP 19 Patch 06 > Released on June 28, 2018, this patch brings some application fixes for the Windows client as well as for the Cube Designer client. You will find the list of issue fixes by clicking on the following link SAPFC SP19 Patch06

SAP FC 10.1 SP 7 Patch 1, 2, 3, et 5 > SAP has made available 4 patches respectively on July 27th, August 6th, September 19th, and October 15th.

CAREFULL: If you have already installed Support Package 07 for SAP Financial Consolidation 10.1 and want to install Support Package 07 Patch 01 or higher, you will need to first uninstall Support Package 07.

Patch 1 of SP7 essentially fixes application bugs for the HTML5 Web client on a variety of issues from importing manual writes to printing problems, to displaying problems. Find the fixes here SAP FC10.1 SP7 Patch1.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to uninstall Support Package 07 Patch 01 or higher following the usual procedure. The only way to revert to a previous support package or patch would be to uninstall SAP Financial Consolidation 10.1 and reinstall the whole application.

The fix provided by Patch 2 of SP7 is for the HTML5 Web Client, for which a Security option is not applied to the import results for rejected rows. SAP FC10.1 SP7 Patch2.

Patch 3 enhances the HTML5 interface by removing display and copying / pasting problems to Excel. SAP FC01.1 SP7 Patch3

SAP has integrated the patches originally planned for Patch 4 directly into Patch 5. Patch 5 provides fixes for import and performance issues, but it also supports the 2017 release of Microsoft SSAS (However, KB4342123 must be installed on SSAS 2017 server before deploying Datapump). SAP FC01.1 SP7 Patch5

Also note that SAP has gone back on the support of SAP HANA 2 SPS03 by SAP FC:

ICS 10.0 SP17 Patch 08 > Patch 08 was made available on July 12th. It brings application fixes that you will find by following this link. SAP ICS SP17 Patch 08.

Regarding FIM, SAP didn’t provide a new Support Package or Patch.

The Syslap Solutions: SyAutoReceive & SyAutoPublish

SyAutoReceive is an SAP FC add-on for importing third-party application data automatically. It can be executed from an SAP FC task, reducing the time required for the data reception process, limiting low value-added tasks for the central administrator, as well as the risks of error related to the manual nature of the task. The maintenance is in charge of the functional administrators, the execution can be planned from the SAP FC standard interface which limits the manual operations.

As same way as SyAutoReceive, SyAutoPublish is an SAP FC add-on that will automate the publication of bundles. For example, after the automatic import of data from SyAutoReceive. The operation and benefits are the same as for SyAutoReceive.

The two bricks are independent but can be complementary.

1. When installing the Support Package 19 for SAP FC 10.0, there is a regression that is corrected in patch04. This is a problem of copying / pasting values into bundles as a heavy client.
The number of copied cells must match the numbers of pasted cells.
For example: to copy the amount 120 of an Excel cell into 12 cells of a package, you must Select and copy 12 cells.

2. FC Internal Authentication is flagged as deprecated. External authentication is the recommended mode as the internal authentication mode is now deprecated

  • SBOP BI PLATFORM 4.1 : 12/31/2018
  • SBOP BI PLATFORM 4.2 : 12/31/2022
  • SAP DISCLOSURE MGMT 10.1 : 12/31/2024
  • SAP DATA SERVICES 4.2 : 12/31/2022
  • SBOP INTERCOMPANY 10.0 : 12/31/2020