E-newsletter November 2020

Our experts provide you with a summary of the latest news : new Support Packages, patches published by SAP, or their contributions for EPM (Enterprise Performance Management) applications. They also invite you to discover the latest innovations from our R & D center.

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SAP FIM 10.0 SP18 released on August 03, 2020, completely overhauls the interface formerly based on Adobe Flash Player, which should no longer be supported at the end of 2020. Instead, FIM now uses a technology common to the others SAP products, i.e. an HTML5 interface.

SAP FIM 10.0 SP18 patch 1 released on September 18, 2020, brings many fixes to SP18. However, we detected a few issues:

  • Limitations remain on copying / pasting from Excel. To import existing mappings, if a field is empty in Excel, an offset will occur in the FIM mapping table. To solve this problem, it is necessary to proceed column by column or indicate in Excel a “*” instead of the empty field for a source mapping. The character will change to a simple quote (‘) for a destination mapping.
  • On a job with SAP FC as source and destination, the datastore must be in “response via webservice” mode and no longer “database exchange” as before.
  • To run a job with amounts in SAP FC sources (consolidated or pre-consolidated), it is essential to refresh the page before execution, otherwise the drop-down menu to choose the type of amount will disappear.
  • Finally, we reported a bug on Oracle when using FIM with DS 4.2 SP14 patch 01 if custom functions in FIM are used. This bug is fixed in DS 4.2 SP14 patch 02.



It is possible that versions of FIM prior to SP18 become unusable after December 31, 2020 due to user workstation updates which will block ADOBE FLASH PLAYER. Despite the bugs encountered SYSLAP recommends the implementation of FIM SP18 patch01 even though SAP has not yet announced any release date for FIM SP18 patch 02.

SAP FC 10.1 SP09 Patch 5 released on October 09, 2020, provides solutions to performance issues related to import in bundles with the activation of multi-user mode that may have appeared on previous patches.

Corrections were also made on Live Package Reconciliation due to errors related to the transaction currency. An improvement was also made to Excel Link when used with Excel 2006, which was performing poorly.

Also, the end of support for Flash Player in December 2020 will impact the heavy client of SAP FC 10 and 10.1 which still uses Flash for the Dashboard display and for the archiving tool.

In response to users using the Dashboard, SAP has removed the feature but added similar features to the HTML5 website package list.

In order to view the DASHBOARD PACKET CONTROL information:

  • SAP added a new column listing the number of errors, warnings and successes for lists of entities or entities. This new column can be sorted to see, for example, which entity has the greatest number of errors. A new function for exporting to Excel has also been added in order to retrieve this information in a spreadsheet.
  • The same treatment has been applied to the different sections of the HTML5 website to also view the PACKET STATUS, MANUAL JOURNAL ENTRIES STATUS INFORMATION, and the CONSOLIDATION STATUS INFORMATION

In response to users using the ARCHIVING TOOL, SAP redesigned the interface to use SAP UI as a replacement for FLASH PLAYER.

As the end of support for IPS 4.1 is scheduled for December 2020, it will be necessary to uninstall the product to replace it with IPS 4.2 which is supported until 2022. IPS 4.3 is not yet compatible with SAP FC 10.1.

Contact us as soon as possible to schedule an update if you are still using IPS version 4.1.

The corrective patches for Oracle 12C will be distributed until November 20, 2020, after this date Oracle 12C will no longer be updated. We recommend to upgrade to a more recent version. Oracle 19C Standard Support (Premier Support, PS) will be active until March 31, 2023, the Extended Support option extends until March 31, 2026.

  • Creating central manual journal entries may generate a currency related error since Service Pack 04. SAP switched from a default sort by ID to sort by RU codes. It is necessary to look for the “new” RU by default in the repository and assign it a currency to solve the problem.
  • Disappearance of certain characteristics of the structure after control: When the sending site sends data, the structure of the sending site is sent at the same time. On receiving the data, the target site deletes the structure and recreates it based on the information from the sending site. In general, the structure of the recipient site must not contain elements (dimension, characteristic, etc.) that are not in the sending site in order to avoid issues of this type.

  • SBOP BI PLATFORM 4.1 : 31/12/2020
  • SBOP BI PLATFORM 4.2 : 31/12/2022
  • SBOP BI PLATFORM 4.3 : 31/12/2027
  • SAP DISCLOSURE MGMT 10.1 : 31/12/2024
  • SAP DATA SERVICES 4.2 : 31/12/2022
  • SBOP INTERCOMPANY 10.0 : 31/12/2020