SAP FC integrated fast close solutions

Optimize the consolidation and reporting times of
your SAP EPM applications thanks to our turnkey fast close solutions.


In all of the SAP FC integrated solutions we have developed, the same philosophy applies: the solutions are easy to install and adaptable to the existing configuration. They accelerate and optimize the reliability of key steps in business processes. They replace existing workaround solutions that are often complex and costly.
rapprolive intragroupes

Facilitate intercompany reconciliations with Recolive

Recolive enables you to view intercompany transactions in real-time. Data is directly accessible in packages and is displayed in local, consolidation and transaction currencies. This application allows subsidiaries greater autonomy when reconciling intercompany differences thanks to the real-time reconciliation of intercompany data in packages. No action is therefore required from central site as intercompany reconciliation is integrated within the reporting process in a single reporting category. The application enables you to perform multi-dimensional analysis of the impact on consolidated accounts and generate journal entries.

Lock fast close

Improve security for fast closing using Lock

Lock offers a package dedicated to administrators and controllers with a set of functionalities: sequential locking and unlocking of groups of indicators within packages, close monitoring of the progress of each contributor and on-demand modification of the control levels to be attained by contributors.

This adaptable solution is a real asset when it comes to ensuring the security of the data collected. Data entry sequencing is adapted to each customer process, i.e. for intercompany transactions, turnover, P&L, balance sheets, notes to the financial statements, tax returns, etc.

conso&report cinématiques

Improve Web workflows with Conso & Report

Conso & Report makes browsing simpler and more user-friendly thanks to a HTML 5 multi-browser interface. This tool enables numerous functional enhancements as compared with the standard Web application, such as viewing schedule controls in real-time, exporting schedules to Excel in their original layout, using dynamic filters in fields or simplifying the management of book printing and favorites. This solution offers numerous benefits. Besides generating journal entries, it improves workflows, facilitates deployment and enables a quick start for users. There are no technical constraints as it adapts to any existing configuration and can be used right after setup. These functionalities boost productivity immediately.

datalive SAP FC

View the source of local accounts in SAP FC packages with Datalive

Datalive enables you to zoom in on data from upstream systems and access data directly in packages. Datalive is compatible with the Datalink interface and ensures a stronger audit trail between data from upstream systems and imported aggregated data in packages. This easy-to-install tool provides the direct traceability of local data from SAP FC packages and enables easier justification of imported amounts. Time is saved in demonstrating that amounts from Group accounts are consistent with local accounts. It also offers quick multi-dimensional analysis of the impact on consolidated accounts.


Analyze financial data using QlikView dashboards with QBridge

QBridge is an extractor for the real-time update of QVD files containing QlikView dimensions and data, and the extraction of the SAP FC security configuration. The Designer enables you to build QlikView applications to group data and apply SAP FC security. Because it is a native SAP FC connector to QlikView, QBridge simplifies the dynamic analysis of SAP FC data and the illustration of financial data using charts. It is an alternative to Excel add-ins for data analysis.

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