Integrated solutions for the optimization
of your SAP FC environment

Applications to facilitate financial performance
because being operational is a daily challenge.

For over ten years, we have accumulated valuable vertical expertise in SAP EPM applications. We are therefore able to design turnkey solutions to satisfy customer requirements:

solutions d'automatisation

Automation solutions

Automate data flows in SAP FC and improve the reliability of data while eradicating mundane low-level tasks.

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solutions fast close

Fast Close

Ensure the reliability of your consolidated reporting and optimize all of the steps in your operating cycle to focus on core business management.

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solutions audit et sécurité

Audit and security

Simplify access management and empower users while reinforcing the security of sensitive data.

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SAP FC integrated solutions: FAQ

+ - How are the solutions commercialized?

Our solutions can be acquired via a License + Maintenance package or a subscription licensing model. We guarantee the scalability and flexibility of those solutions, and their adaptability to your specific technical and functional requirements. We also guarantee access to our Help Desk.

+ - What is the average time required for implementing a solution?

Our solutions require just a few days for implementation, regardless of the existing configuration. They have been specially developed to meet functional requirements while providing an alternative to complex and time-consuming configurations.

This means that we are able to guarantee that our solutions will not have a structural impact on the existing FC configuration.

+ - Are our solutions maintained in line with SAP FC developments?

Maintenance ensures that our solutions remain compatible with the latest updates and versions developed by SAP.

Benefits of our solutions:

Our solutions are very easy to install, regardless of the existing configuration. They accelerate and optimize the reliability of key steps in business processes. They replace existing workaround solutions that are often complex and costly.

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