Expertise and diagnostic

Operational or performance issues? Our team of technical consultants can help you overcome any difficulty related to SAP FC and SAP EPM.

Rely on our expertise to solve your complex issues

Even where experts may have unsuccessfully attempted to intervene, our practical, operational and impartial approach enables us to provide concrete solutions. Our specialized consultants can help keep SAP FC or SAP EPM applications running smoothly at the optimal level of service and performance. Feedback from numerous customers helps us identify best practices and provide you with the support you need.
gamme SAP EPM

Wide expertise on all SAP EPM applications

SAP FC (Financial Consolidation – ex magnitude)
SAP HANA (Hyper-performance Analytic Appliance)
SAP ICS (Intercompany Server)
SAP FIM (Financial Information Management)
SAP DS (DataServices)
SAP IPS (Information Platform Services)
SAP BPC (Business Planning and Consolidation)
SAP PCM (Profit & Cost Management)
SAP DM (Disclosure Management)

Impartial expertise

Our team members do not restrict themselves to SAP applications. We take all of your software and hardware environments into account. We are not tied to any software publisher and this makes us totally impartial as regards SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, Citrix, etc.

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Tried and tested methodology

Steps in the project include the analysis of the existing situation, the identification of discrepancies based on the best practices of software publishers, the definition of areas of improvement and optimization, and lastly, the preparation of formalized recommendations.

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