Data migration to SAP HANA, SQL Server or Oracle

Upgrade your database engine

Standardize your database system

We can assist you in the modification of your financial application database system. We can help you switch from Microsoft SQL Server to Oracle Database or from Oracle Database to Microsoft SQL Server. We can also migrate your database system from Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle Database to SAP HANA. Our experts, who are familiar with data migration in Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle Database, can also help you migrate your SAP EPM data to SAP HANA. The project methodology is similar to that of a standard migration. Only the prerequisites and the tools used will differ.
exemples étapes migration

Example of the steps for a migration to SAP HANA

  1. Install prerequisites: Install a data conversion tool, install the SAP HANA database server and SAP HANA client
  2. Create an SAP HANA database schema
  3. Convert data
  4. Standardize the SAP HANA schema: Reformat data if required, retrieve indices, delete migration columns, etc.
  5. Migrate data from IPS and Analytics modules using native EPM tools (e.g. Import/Export User or Cube Designer) to export and import data
  6. Migrate SQL rules

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