SAP FC integrated automation solutions

Automate your consolidation and reporting processes
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Daily SAP FC operations require, in certain cases, manual actions with little value-added that can be the source of errors. The solutions presented below are used to automate certain data flows between upstream systems and SAP FC, between different SAP FC databases, or between SAP FC and downstream applications.
import autoliasse

Automate the loading of data from upstream systems using Automatic Package Import

Automatic Package Import is a program that integrates all SAP FC import functionalities and can be run via an SAP FC task or using a task scheduler. It can also run Datalink automatically. This Plug & Play solution does not require any structural modification to the existing configuration. This application automates manual tasks, reduces the time required for import processes and ensures the reliability of processes and daily maintenance.


Exportez les données et métadonnées FC vers les systèmes avals avec Extractor

Extractor is a comprehensive tool that includes all SAP FC data. It offers an intuitive interface for selecting the consolidated data to be extracted and one filter for each configuration file for metadata and package data. It offers fine-grained configuration of extractors to restrict data and metadata and provides a widely-used format (CSV) for downstream systems such as BI, Budget Planning, etc. Extractor can be run via an SAP FC task or using a task scheduler.


Automate the publication of packages using AutoPublish

Use AutoPublish to automate the publication of your packages from the reporting database to the consolidation database. It is easily integrated within SAP FC via a technical reception task. AutoPublish shortens the time required for package publication and reduces the number of mundane low-level tasks for administrators at central site, thus minimizing the risk of error. Tasks can be scheduled in the standard SAP FC interface and maintenance for functional administrators is facilitated.

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