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The management of user connections and passwords and the implementation of SSO are recurrent issues handled by technical and/or functional teams at central site who are required to spend time on these mundane low-level tasks. To empower users as much as possible while retaining strict control over user modifications, we have developed turnkey solutions that reduce the number of manual tasks and facilitate user management.

console web connexions

Web Console: Empower users to manage their own connections

This full Web application enables users to consult and close their phantom sessions manually. It relies on authentication methods supported by SAP FC and consists of an administration interface for stopping and restarting data sources. Web Console is a real return on investment if you are billed for each incident ticket created. End users are more autonomous and this represents daily time savings for central site teams who are no longer required to handle issues related to user connections. No prerequisites are required for workstations.

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PackageLog liasses

Monitor package modifications closely in dedicated reports using PackageLog

PackageLog enables you to trace modifications made to package amounts and comments in real-time. Each step of the package lifecycle can be traced, – saving, submission, rejection, publication, and consolidation. Navigation within SAP FC reports is intuitive because asynchronously calculated deltas have no impact on the time required for saving packages. On-demand activation is possible during the reporting cycle, for each category and type of reporting. This tool enables you to justify package modifications fully, ensure the security of data entry and store the entire audit trail for each item of data.


SSO for SAP FC Web and ICS

Our SSO SAML 2 solution enables user authentication without having to enter a password. You are not required to implement any component between the SSO page and your identity provider as all exchanges will be carried out by the user’s browser.

Password manager

Decentralize password management using Password Manager

This full Web application enables users to modify or reset their password autonomously. Users receive email notifications when their password expires or if they need to reset it. This solution empowers end users and is easily adapted to the corporate password policy. It is a real return on investment if you are billed for each incident ticket created. No prerequisites are required for workstations.

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